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One of the joys of the work that I do is the variety of people I get to meet, from all professions and all walks of life.   I was referred to Dr. Sarah Cantin Langlois who is working on a brand new web page and media presence with Propage (a communications agency specializing in B2B2C). and needed some imagery content of various sorts.  From professional headshots, images of the interior of her business, some consultation shots with clients as well as some more standard stock-style images that she can use for many different purposes.  Why buy images used by thousands when you can have personalized photos based on your needs, right?

The funkiest thing I got to do was to make images of her while she was in the operating room, in full scrubs, with a pretend patient.  Dr. Cantin Langlois is also a foot surgeon!  The OR was dressed as it would be for an operation, it is pretty intense to see how things are prepared so meticulously to ensure a patient’s comfort and safety.  Pretty cool to add such a fun shoot to my list of places I’ve photographed

Some of the challenges with this type of shoot are working around client schedules.  With another doctor in the same building, we needed to schedule around the OR being available, as well as her busy client bookings as well.  This meant some pretty early mornings to have time for portraits and room shots.  But hey, variety is the spice if life?  The early bird gets the worm?  Something like that. 🙂

Can’t wait to see the final images up on her new website!



You can check out the images directly on her website to see how they were integrated.