Billy Talent | Bell Centre | Montreal Concert Photographer

There are bands that are always a sure bet live, and Canada’s Billy Talent is one of them.  Even though they formed waaay back in 1993, their music still stays totally relevant and they keep packing in the crowd at their shows.

Their current Afraid of Heights tour was at Montreal’s Bell Centre last night, and it was the typical high energy show we come to expect.  I loved the little touch of all the members wearing red, although I did not love the totally red lights for the first song… thankfully we had some nice lights to deal with in songs 2 and 3.  In a rare night at the arena, there was body surfing going on, keeping the security mildly busy… but in a tight photo pit, working with security and getting out of their way is key.  The members of Billy Talent are all amazingly nice guys, and this also reflects in their management and the high level of accreditations for photo passes.  We are routinely 8-10 photographers for arena shows, however tonight, I was told the total was 16!

I was covering the show for CHOM 97.7, and you can check out the full media gallery HERE.

As always, below are my faves and a few exclusives as well.  Most of the black and white images were taken during the first song which was totally red.  There are things you can do to fix red light, but when it is a red wash and no other colours present, it is either going with the red, desaturating the red, or going black and white.  I wrote a blog article about fixing red light in a show, you can check that out HERE .