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july talk montreal 2016

Canadian alt rockers July Talk were in town on this past Halloween weekend.  Their show was scheduled originally for Le Petit Campus and was moved due to high demand to the bigger Club Soda… and honestly, they could of moved it a step up again.  The crowd was of all ages, showing that July Talk’s music has pretty wide appeal.  They are just amazing on stage, so fun to see… and to photograph.

There was no photo pit on the night, so it gave me a chance to chat with fans ahead of time to ask if they are cool with me squatting a spot in front of them for 20-30 seconds… .and then wade my way through the dense crowd to try and get some sort of variety.  From the front, the sides, the back and up on the balcony… trying to stick to our 3 song rule.  Not the easiest task, but always fun having a challenge.

On a musical note, if you do not know this band, check them out!  Not only are they always a sure bet live, their music is pretty top as well.  There is a reason behind why they are rapidly rising in popularity.

I was covering the show for CHOM 97.7 , you can see the media gallery HERE.

And below are some of my faves and 1-2 exclusives 🙂

july talk montreal 2016 leah fay

july talk montreal 2016 leah fay Peter Dreimanis




july talk montreal 2016 leah fay Peter Dreimanis


july talk montreal 2016 Peter Dreimanis