Justin Bieber | Purpose World Tour | Montreal Concert Photographer

justin bieber purpose world tour montreal

I am not sure that there is a person out there who hasn’t heard of Justin Bieber.  Whether it be his YouTube beginnings, his promotion by Usher, or his other more publicized stints in the media, having the chance to photograph an artist with such popularity is a rare occasion.  We were 6 photographers allowed in to capture his current Purpose World Tour, and I must say that the Bell Centre was LOUD!

Not sure who would actually want that level of popularity.  It must weigh on your shoulders quite a bit.  The kid (kid, well, he is in his early 20s at this point) is talented.  He can play instruments, he has a great singing voice.  Sadly, most of that is overshadowed by him being, well, a young person.

The stage was huge … there were lasers … fireworks … sparkly things.  Huge props to his dance troupe who are just out of this world!

justin bieber purpose world tour montreal

As with many big pop acts, photographers were sent to the back of the arena.  No photo pit access.  The bad is that we always want to be up close and get those emotional moments, playing with lights and shadows.  The good is that the show is so visual, it would be impossible to capture the essence of the spectacle from in the front.  Best solution?  Give me full show access.  Yep.  Anyone know Bieber’s management? 😉

The photos were done with a mix of a 70-200mm lens and a 300mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter (making the lens 420mm).  While you can get away with a 70-200 with the teleconverter, I brought the extra long lens to …uh… compensate for the distance.  🙂

The images were done for Virgin Radio Montreal … you can check out the FULL gallery right HERE.  Below are some of my favorites as well as some exclusives you won’t see there.




justin bieber purpose world tour montreal

justin bieber purpose world tour montreal




justin bieber purpose world tour montreal


And now the exclusives… selectively done in black and white 🙂



justin bieber purpose world tour montreal