Cage The Elephant | Bell Centre | Montreal Concert Photographer

cage the elephant matt shultz montreal 2016

American rockers Cage The Elephant were on stage at Montreal’s Bell Centre supporting their latest album, Tell Me I’m Pretty.  While the crowd may not have been the biggest, they definitely made up for it with being loud, watching frontman Matt Shultz do his high energy and constant movement all around the stage… really, this guys is an animal – let out of his…drum roll… cage – and makes for one the funner bands to shoot.

As much as the entire band is great to see live, as much as our accesses to cover the group were limited.  We had our typical 3 song rule, but due to the stage setup, we had to chose one side of the stage and stay there for the set.  Security reasons as it was a tight fit and we were a good amount of photographers.  Matt spent most of his time at the edge of the small catwalk right in front of his fans, as well as a frontman should.  It limited out images, but yet, gave us a challenge to overcome.  And sadly, I never really got a decent line of sight on Brad Shultz 🙁

Shout out to the photographers who were around me for the set… it was cramped…it was tight… it was great to work with people who have respect for each other.  🙂

You can see the full set of images up at CHOM 97.7Here are some of my favorites, with a good amount in black and white, which just seems to fit with the lights and energy.

cage the elephant matt shultz montreal 2016





cage the elephant matt shultz montreal 2016


cage the elephant matt shultz montreal 2016