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hedley jacob hoggart

2016 Juno Award nominees, 13 years as a band (11 with the current lineup), 6 albums… Canadian pop-rockers Hedley are pretty much a sure bet for live shows as well. Lead singer Jacob Hoggard seems to never run out of steam as he moves around the entire stage. The band makes for a pretty intense shooting experience, with no stop action and the potential jump shot just around the corner of every corner of every song.

Montreal’s Bell Centre was pretty full of Hedley fans, there to see the band supporting their latest album “Hello” on their aptly named Hello World Tour. I was covering the show for Montreal”s own Virgin Radio, in a pretty full pit with over 12 photographers (that”s pretty full for our neck of the woods).

Photo tips

Covering the band? Lens choice is a bit all over the place. As there is so much action, you need a pretty wide lens. Going in there with only a telephoto lens means you will miss some great moments. But on the flip side, the energy is up and all the members give some great moments, so a longer lens is a must as well.

The band seemed more “seasoned” on stage than the last time in 2014 I photographed them. This is good and bad, as their movements are a bit more predictable and even posed, mixing well with the constant random twirls and expressions Jacob gives.

You can see Virgin”s full gallery up HERE… which also includes a few shots of Carly Rae Jepson who was on stage before them.

Below are some of my faves, as well as a few exclusives. 😉



hedley jacob hoggart hello tour


hedley jacob hoggart hello tour


And here are some exclusives I feel fit so well with black and white.





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