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twenty one pilots tyler joseph josh dun

Together only since 2009, Twenty One Pilots seem like veterans on stage.  And the proof was this first of two shows at Montreal Metropolis, where the second night is a sell out and if this was not, it was close to judging by the ultra packed crowd wearing their red tuques and black painted hands.  They could easily teach some more “seasoned” artists a thing or two about stage presence and putting on an actual show for your fans.

They are one of those bands you would just love to have the chance to photograph a full set.  From confetti canons, a drum kit that is carried into the crowd, surfing, jumping and the ever changing lights, there always seems to be something fun to shoot…. but fun doesn”t come without a challenge.  There is loads of contrast, lots of back-lighting and some pretty low light situations which, a split second later, is like looking into the sun.

I believe my first go around of images in my selection had me keeping over 60 images and trying to narrow that down to a top 15 was pretty hard.  Sure, there ends up being some repetition as you are shooting in harsh conditions and may need 2-3 shots to get some of the strobe lights on the artists, they definitely gave me one of my better sets of the year.

You can see even more images of their outstanding set up at Virgin Montreal .

Here are some of my faves, and towards then end, some exclusives 🙂


twenty one pilots tyler joseph josh dun

twenty one pilots tyler joseph josh dun

twenty one pilots tyler joseph josh dun


twenty one pilots tyler joseph josh dun





twenty one pilots tyler joseph josh dun