Three Days Grace | Metropolis | Montreal Concert Photographer


Canadian rock / metal group Three Days Grace were in town last night and played to a sold out Metropolis.  The crowd seemed fairly young for a band that has been around for 17+ years, but as the band keeps putting out good records, they keep a solid following!

There were a good number of photographers in the pit, I counted 14 in total.   Considering that singer Matt has a riser in the pit he likes to sing from, to be closer to the fans, it made for a pretty tight shoot.  I was happy to have had a wide angle lens, as having someone a few inches from you is a bit hard to shoot with a telephoto.

The full image set can be seen up at CHOM 97.7 soon, so in the meantime, here are some shots, and a few exclusive and black and whites I’ll only be posting here 😉

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