Photo services!

In today’s world of easily accessible technology, photographers have no choice but to have some diversity in the services they offer.  While I am open to taking on any type of photography contact, here are the main types of photography services I offer, all done with my high level of professionalism and attention to service, ensuring that I output the best quality images, always with a smile on my face (unless I stub my toe, then I might frown for half a second):


Concert Photography

Matt-kim-metropolis-montreal-2013-3 best-shows-music-stage-2013-22

With an average of 200 bands in front of my lens per year, official photographer for major festivals such as Osheaga, Heavy Montreal, Festival de la chanson de Granby (and others), I am comfortable shooting on front of a stage just as I am on stage.  My favorite shots are up in my portfolio, but you can also get an idea of my coverage during entire shows.

  • Tours
  • Concerts
  • Festivals



gil-marc-wedding-4 gil-marc-wedding-12

I bring my capturing moments as they happen mentality to a couple’s most precious day.  Weddings are very similar to concerts…. moments happen in the blink of an eye, light conditions are ever changing and clients are treated like stars! (sounds tacky, but it is so true).   You can view my portfolio to get a sense of my style, but I highly encourage you to check out my extended wedding galleries to get a real sense of what I do.


Event coverage

aneb-gala-2014-PhotoPierreBourgault-4 wingia-2

Mixing the low light mood of a concert with the party atmosphere of weddings, I’ve covered events for such clients as Just for Laughs, ANEB Quebec, Leger Marketing / WINGIA, World poker tournament, dance shows and many more.  Whether you are the event planner and want to document the fruits of your labours or you are the event hoster and want the evening photographed.  Event portfolio here… Extended event galleries here.

  • Corporate events
  • Galas
  • Comedy
  • Sports
  • Press conferences


Urban prints

blog-nyc-jog-1 nyc night bridge-1

Looking for some original art for your office?  How about a classic black and white canvas wrap to put up behind your couch at home?  Most of my images in my Urban Scenes collection are available to prints, from 8 x 12 all the way up to… well… bigger than 8 x 12 ! 🙂  I prefer to chat with a client to see what their needs are, work out a deal and find the best medium for their art.  Check out my collection or drop me a line.


Headshots and portraits

Casa_Cares_HeadShots_blog-13 Blog_jess-3

Are you an actor in need to casting headshots?  Want me to capture memories of your family while you spend a special day together?  Let’s chat to make it happen!  Headshot sessions can be as quick as 30 minutes and family sessions can last a few hours.  I’m flexible.  And kids love me.  I swear.  While I prefer shooting in a more natural environment (natural to the client), I do have a portable studio I can bring with me for some more standard images.  See my lifestyle and headshot portfolio here.  Want a glimpse of bigger galleries I create for my clients?  Those are here

  • Casting headshots
  • Family portraits
  • Individual portraits
  • Maternity



EMSB-career-day-1 teaching-freshmind-1

Lastly, as you can see by the information I put out on my blog, I love to communicate and teach.  I have spoken at the EMSB (English Montreal School Board) career day, was a guest speaker for Concordia University Student services classes, I judge a few yearly local photography competitions.  I have also had some private students who want to learn more about photography, some specifically about concerts, some needed to know the basics of shooting in Manual, how to post process, the basics of using off camera lights,…  the list goes on.

My courses are all totally custom, made based on what you know (or don’t) and where you want to be.  Course outlines are created and we schedule some more formal learning time, but more importantly, we have lots of hands on photography time.  No better way to learn than have a private instructor!  Send me a message if you want some classes, or even offer some classes to a friend as a gift (yes, I have gift certificates) 🙂