Quick Tip #5 – Light stars

Add some extra spice to your photos by taking a roundish light source and making it look like a star, all in camera.  For you visual people, going from THIS

Aperture of f/5.6

to THIS (a little more sun never hurt anyone 🙂 )

Aperture of f/16

Ok, not the best photo, but you understand the basics.  All that is required is shooting with a small aperture – as in a small opening and NOT a low number.  What’s an aperture? It’s the opening that let’s the light in (it does other things too 😉 ).  Making that aperture really small will pull those light rays out and make things look like a star.  So you need to either control your camera in Manual mode or at the very least, in Aperture priority mode.

Keeping in mind that making the aperture small means you have to have a longer shutter speed.  In daylight, that’s usually not an issue.  At night?  This could be 20-30 second exposures, so bring a tripod or find a way to stabilize your camera (ledge, bean bag, tie it to a tree, a sleeping donkey, whatever works) 🙂

A few other examples (and better photos) where using a small aperture opening to create some stars to add a bit of a pop to your image.

Aperture of f/11
Aperture of f/22
Aperture of f/13

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