This Old House | Rural Quebec


I’ve posted a few of these on my Facebook page (what, not following me there?  Shame on you!) but realised that I never posted up the entire set.  This was a great find that my girlfriend spotted while we were driving to the Help Portrait event in Lac Megantic.  Off the side of the road, house looks pretty bad… slam the brakes, turn around and let’s go explore!

We didn’t have that much time to shoot as the sun had started to set, but even in the time we had, this was one of my favorite finds of the year.  There wasn’t much furniture left inside, and the second floor was barely resting on the first floor, many spots had huge gaps in between.  Yeah, not too safe.  But we made our way to the second floor to see how safe it looked and the lines in the wood created by the shifting house were pretty cool!

And first glance, from the top of the stairs, we see this.


The floor wasn’t too sturdy, but we went up anyways.  When you see lines and shapes like this, you can’t just walk away.  So I did a few more from around the top floor of the same area, trying to find the right sweet spot that captured what I saw


Too close… I decided to brave walking further on the floor to get a wider view.  I was shooting with my Fuji x100s and it has a fixed 35mm lens, so if I want to get a wider shot, I need to physically move.  I found a door frame in an adjacent room and liked how the straight lines contrasted the warped lines.


And then I saw the shot that I wanted, I just needed for a certain someone to step out of the way 😉



The rest of the house was interesting.  The top floor was just more warped wood and floors, but nothing like the main area.










There ya go!  A pretty funky little find when we weren’t expecting to find anything.  And it really does capture what I love about exploring forgotten places… it was eerie and quiet, it was old, falling apart.  Who knows how much longer it will be there.  Or what was the story of the house and the people who lived in it?

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