Travel inspirations | Keeping a diary


I’m constantly thinking of ways to document my travels.  Through photos, videos, a mix, words… anything.  I love seeing people take creative ways in documenting their journeys.

I find this video from Chris Rehage really inspirational.  I love the mix of single photos and multiple photos on single days.  You see some of the people he met, the places he was at and the really interesting physical transformation in his face.  He walked 4500 kms in a year (November 2008 to October 2009), documenting his days and travels with his camera.  He had plans on going all the way to Germany but changed his mind a year into it.

This quote from Chris sums up his reason for the adventure

“I wanted to gain back my life. I had to regain control over myself, eliminate the inner boss that was telling me what to do. A lot of people look at the video thinking “I want to be free like that guy!” – but they don’t realize that I was driven by something, and maybe I was losing control over it.”

You can see more of Chris’ work at

Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂