Holiday photography themed gift ideas


Well, it’s the first week of December… so might as well make a holiday gift post!  Have someone into photography and don’t know what to get them?  Looking to buy me a present for the holidays?

Figure I’d throw together a list of 8 items that might be of interest for the budding photographer in your life.  Or for yourself.  Or… for me.  Just sayin’.


1.Rhodium Plated Vintage Camera Cufflinks Photography $50

Add a little bit of style to that shirt with some old school cuff links.


2. Thermo Lenscup with Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler (Modeling 1:1 Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens), 11oz $5

I actually have a couple of these, as well as the bigger 70-200 lens mug.  They keep my tea warm, and my lap dry.


3. Kikkerland Camera Pencil Sharpener, Black (SC12) $12

Nothing like a Rolleiflex styled pencil sharpener sitting upon a photog’s desk.  Who really cares if we don’t use pencils anymore.


4. OP/TECH USA Rainsleeve – 18-Inch (2-Pack) $6 for two

This is actually a must have for photographers.  They are cheap and they work.  Expensive pro rain gear can be hundreds of dollars, but this little camera condom can be kept in your photo bag at all times.  It has saved my butt shooting in a downpour at Osheaga a few years ago and again while being drenched in fake blood at a Gwar show this year.


5.  Giottos AA1900 Rocket Air Blaster Large – Black $8

Another must have for photographers.  Changing lenses anywhere can mean a bunch of dust and crap getting in your camera body.  Pressured spray bottles like you use for clean your keyboard are NOT to be used when cleaning photo gear.  And hey, if you travel, throw this in your carry-on and watch the fun reactions when you go through security at the airport! 🙂  (I am not responsible for your arrest and will not post bail… but will share your story if you try it!)


6. Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera $19

Nothing better than the gift of knowledge.  I own this book and have loaned it out to a bunch of people.  It’s easy to read, has some good exercises and goes through the basics of photography that will help getting you out of Auto mode and into taking control of your camera.


7. Heatmax HotHands Hand Warmer Value Pack $14

Urban shooting at night… in a cold climate.  Need I say more?


8. Camera Bookend Set by Exposures $40

Collecting too many photography books?  While not keep them all nice in that book shelf with…photography bookends!


There are plenty of other ideas for little and big gifts.  From memory cards, camera straps, funky lens covers, rubber bracelets,… list goes on and on.

Have some great holidays!!!