Gojira | CEPSUM | Montreal Music Photographer


On stage before Slayer last night was French metal band Gojira.  Many were actually saying that Gojira could of been headlining, and the masses of fans who were there confirm that they could of drawn their own crowd.  Contrary to Slayer, we were allowed to shoot in the photo pit for the show, which was great, as the pit was pretty big and the lights were interesting to play with.

Here are a few preview images of the show, the full series will be up, as usual, on Cornershopstudios.com!





  1. What a great show. It’s a shame I didn’t stay for Slayer. I saw some photographers taking pictures of me (At least I think I did) If anyone knows where to find more pictures (already know Camuz and Sors-tu) I would be happy

    1. From memory, the medias that were there: Thorium, Capital du Metal, Sorstu, CornershopStudios, MTL Blog, Evenko. There were 2-3 other shooters I didnt recognize. Hope you find the shots you are looking for! 🙂

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