Already a year of doing this… wow.

It’s been a year… I’m still alive!

A year has already gone by since I left my comfortable full time job to pursue my passion of photography. Man, time really does fly!

It’s been a pretty awesome experience, and I’m signed on for another year to see where this goes, as so far, things are progressing nicely. Slowly, but nicely. I didn’t have many expectations when doing this, I knew that being self employed is damn challenging, and doing so in a field that is already over saturated and under valued, and wanting to pursue show photography, which in the world of photos, is probably the least paying style you can do.

I’ve had issues getting used to not having a routine. We are all creatures of habit and we seek some sort of consistency in our day to day. So trying to force myself into one has been a huge challenge, one I didnt think would of been so hard. Sometimes up at 6am, sometimes in bed at 2am. Last minute changes, 12 hours days, 0 hour days… it’s constantly changing. But I dont really have a choice! Someone has to pay the bills.

The changing and busy schedule had an impact on some friends, who I sadly no longer see. It’s either too hard to coordinate things or they don’t like the fact that I kinda need to book time to see people, sometimes a week ahead of time. The last minute “hey you free for a beer tonight?” usually dont work with me. Keeping a active social life while keeping a busy photography life has been…interesting.

I’ve met some of the most amazing people in the last year. From other creatives, to amazing clients. I’ve had acquaintances become really good friends, close friends become even closer. Thankfully I’m very well supported by those who actually care. Having friends know that it’s not always my fault I need to bail, having a girlfriend who is cool with my weird schedule, makes things that much easier.

I’ve seen my art grow! Whether it be weddings, shows, urban shots… being able to dedicate time to my art has seen me (well, what I think) grow leaps and bounds. I’ve discovered new styles of photography I’m loving. And some I’m not loving as much, but I’m kinda good at and they come with a decent paycheque haha.

I’m doing less photography than I thought I would! I know, weird, right? Actually, I somewhat expected it. But again, not to this level. I probably spend 20% of my time shooting. I decided to run a blog, which takes a good amount of time to keep up to date. One entry per month isn’t an active blog for me. Then add in the social media, the marketing, the post processing of images, workshops, reading, learning, networking… man… I feel like I neglect my camera sometimes.

But with all the ups and downs, the health problems, the long nights, the constant wonder if this is the right choice, the fear of failure…. I’m pretty damn happy I made the choice.

I cold go on and on about switching over, finances, going on burn out for a month when I left….and all that jazz, but before I get into a long winded (or … uh… longer winded?) text, I’ll just throw out a HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped me, near and far, from words of encouragement, from sharing links, from liking posted stuff, from passing my name on to friends, from buying me a beer, to making me supper (I’m not poor, but man, I suck at cooking so it’s appreciated haha)… you guys all…simply…. rock.


Much love!


  1. Hello Pierre,

    Congratulations for taking the big step. I remember you from our classes at Concordia and I always enjoyed your work. Best of luck with your career and I shall keep looking for your work.

    Take care,


    1. Thank you Marilyn! Hope you are well!
      I post up more tid bits up on facebook if you want to check that out 🙂

  2. Pierre,

    Congratulations on the ONE year Anniversary !!!! I knew you could do and I KNOW you will be able to hang in there for MORE then just the next year !!!!

    Well Done Pierre….


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