Hollerado | Cabaret Mile End | Montreal Concert Photographer


I fiiiiiinaly had the chance to shoot canadian indie rockers Hollerado tonight at the Cabaret du Mile End.  I had missed their set opening for Billy Talent at the Bell Centre and didn’t have pit access at Osheaga this year.  So when I saw their name on a media “to shoot” list, I jumped on the chance.

Unfortunately, the lights at the venue weren’t the best for the 3 songs I had to shoot.  Very contrasty and barely any light on Nick (guitar) and Dean (bass) and way too much on singer Menno.  And by too much, I mean an ISO 2000, f/3.2 and 1/640 at times… for a small venue, that is pretty damn insane.

The crowd wasn’t huge, but they were into the show.  Which is perfect for me as fans are having fun, but aren’t packed in too tight so that I can’t move.

I had a blast, can’t wait for them to come back!

More images and full review coming up on Cornershop Studios !