Canada Malting Silos | Montreal urban photography



I walked by this place a few times years ago.  I drove by a few weeks ago and challenge myself to finding a way in.  Today was the day.  A friend and I parked the car not too far, scouted around, drove to the other side, scouted more, walked through bushes and found our way onto the grounds of the Canada Malting Silos.  The grounds aren’t very pretty, and frankly, they smell pretty bad in places.  Opened in 1905, it has been abandoned since 1989, and with most abandoned places, is now covered with graffiti.  My quick readings on the place say that the inside is in real disrepair.  So we didn’t venture inside…. yet!








We did bump into a group of urban explorers and they pointed us to the entry hole into the silos.  We found the 4 foot wide and 3 foot high hole in the silos and another group of explorers.  I lent them my flashlight so they could have a look inside.  A 6-7 foot drop after cramming through this hole.  But totally possible to do.  But not wearing converse and jeans, gonna have to dress the part and be a bit safer on our next trip.

I would post up a picture of the hole, but we promised the group who told us where it was that we wouldn’t.  So yeah.. .it’s somewhat easy to find, although looks like a real pain to get through.

Looking forward to heading back soon, before the snow falls and covers the hole.  Although not really looking forward to the smells inside the silos. haha.