Getting all artsy on the street | Montreal street photography


It has been a pretty busy few months and I haven’t had the time to go out and shoot for fun.  So I went out last night with a friend and walked the streets, and seems that my creative side needed to come out a bit.  You don’t always need to have a perfectly sharp photo to make something interesting.  Playing with lines in your frame, selective blurring of subjects can net you some interesting shots.  Like the header image above, lines, shadows and blur.  If I could redo the shot (which often I can’t), I’d aim for even more bike shadow and no bit of car in the upper right.  But when shooting street, you get what you get.

Here are a few choice shots from last night as well as my inspiration for the shot 🙂

One of the first shots early on in the evening was this guy’s ride, the reflection in the side of his car.  When he saw me waiting for the shot, he gunned it and took off from the light, giving me a nice not too smiley look hehe



Further down along Ste- Catherine, spotted a group of people at the end of an alley.  Doing what?  I dunno.  I’ll leave it up to you to make up your own story.




Stuck between the Club Soda and the Montreal Pool room, the doors and clean wall of the bar caught my eye.  I was going to camp and wait for a passer, but one of the workers happened to come out on break




Heading down through Chinatown, my friend spotted the guy up on the right in the shadows.  This is one of the issue of shooting with just one lens and no zoom, you sometimes miss shots.  The guy in the shadow with the backlight would of been a really nice capture.  So I just moved up some to capture the scene as I saw it.



This is one of my faves of the night… walking out of Chinatown, you can look down onto the highway.  I have a few shots with cars in the middle, but feel it’s not as interesting as part of the car on the left.



Awww… two people kissing always make for a nice photo.  And this happens often in Montreal 🙂




Strike a pose!!  When you don’t have any interesting human subjects, use mannequins!!




Not too artsy, but I wanted some junk food.  So I got some.




Keeping a foreground subject with a somewhat blurry background is a way to make an interesting shot.  The lines of the cone and the tape were pretty cool, so I waited for people to walk by.