Rich Aucoin | Osheaga After Party | Montreal Show Photographer



I was asked to shoot the Osheaga After Party at Theatre VM Corona late Friday night (after shooting the festival all day).  Who needs sleep, right?

Rich Aucoin was on stage and he put on one…hell…of…a….show.  As the house photographer for the show, I was allowed to shoot the whole set, and thank god, as there was so much going on.  For starters, he was doing a Daft Punk based set, which in itself, was pretty damn sweet.  But the guy is non stop on stage.  Front, back, side to side… he jumped in the audience a few times, he stayed in the audience and sang along with people, confetti everywhere.  He even pulled out a parachute and covered the entire floor with it, with people dancing and grooving underneath.  He even climbed to the second story balcony and sang from up there… cuz you know… that’s how he is.

Seriously, you have a chance to catch his show, DO IT!

All images were shot for Evenko.








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