Diary of some photo walks | Montreal Street Photography



So I’m in between festival shooting and should be catching up on image editing.  But after having lunch with a friend, I took a long walk back home and had some fun doing some street photos.  Figured why not, I have my camera with me.  Then tonight, I decided to join a few other friends who were walking around downtown and Old Montreal shooting.  Seriously, I need to get some real work done haha (if any clients are reading this, I swear this was for a good cause, really. 😉 )

The sun was out in the afternoon, so I figure I was in a more colourful mood.  Decided it worked more than the black and white I normally do.  I just love walking in my neighborhood, so many interesting people and funky things to see and shoot!








Then after a few hours at home, it was then off to Old Montreal for the second round of street shooting.  I was only planning on staying an hour or two, but ended up being near 4 hours.  Having way too much fun goofing around.  Plus it started to rain at some point, so can’t pass up the chance for some rainy Montreal shots!

“You talking to me?”


“Honey, you watch the bags while we go line dancing”



“When is my order getting here?”



Why not use my own umbrella in the photo!



Even street shooters can have a photo pit.  More like a photo sinkhole



Saw these guys about half a block away… had a quick dash to get close enough for a photo.  While I was battling my friend Martin for the shot, Marlon was on the side trying to get in position to shoot our little photo fight… and ended up running into a pole.  hahaha.   Yep, street shooting is a dangerous hobby



“Crazy texting!”



“All lined up waiting for the bus!”



I’m thinking I need to ditch my regular black umbrella and get something multi-coloured.



Not sure who is cooler in this shot… guy coming out of the restaurant or the dude with the two girls on his arms



“Rocking for change”


Did I ever say that I totally love my city?  I’ve seen quite a few cities around the world and there hasn’t been one that has come close to my Montreal.  Such diversity, such colour, such fun… and such horrible infrastructure that we have random sinkholes that appear in the city on a weekly basis.  Ah Montréal… que je t’aime!

Hope you all enjoyed this little “Day in the photo life of Pierre”



  1. Nice collection of our favourite city. Maybe one day we’ll cross paths. In the meantime, I continue to enjoy your work both here and on TPF.

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