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As part of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, The Cat Empire was on stage at Montreal’s Metropolis last night.  The crowd wasn’t packed, there was some room to move, but everyone who was there was way enthusiastic for one of their favorite aussi ska/rock/jazz bands.  Great vibe in the venue!

Loved the crowd too… there was no photo pit, so I made my way to the front and chatted up some of the fans who were more than happy to make room for me at the front of the stage, allowing me to get some closer shots.  I always prefer being nice and chatting with people than just shoving my way through, you usually get a better response.  And if you don’t, then you push your way through haha.  Typical 3 song limit, although their songs are pretty damn long and I only had time to shoot 2 songs before I was back out on the street.

Lights were all over the place (in a good way), plenty of colours and patterns, although mostly in the low end of the brightness scale.  As the stage was pretty full with mics and instruments, I preferred shooting from further back to get more of an ensemble set of images with the lights going on.

They are giving another show this Friday, definitely worth checking out if you want to just groove and have a good time.

Felix Riebl the cat empire montreal 2013


Harry James Angus the cat empire montreal 2013



the cat empire montreal jazz 2013 metropolis












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