How time flies! | Montreal Photographer



Had a fun last minute dinner today chatting with some friends and we got on the subject of how stupid I can be (seems to be a recurring theme with me…).  We started talking about how I was once interviewed by a pretty known photographer named Jared Polin (he has become quite successful at chatting and teaching amateur photographers) a few years ago when I was getting into photography over Skype about one of my images.  I had listened to a few other of his interviews to get an idea of what I was getting into and they typically lasted 4-5 minutes.  Mine… 16 minutes.  And we kind of went off topic a few times.

I just listened to that interview again.  And once I got over how nasal my voice sounds, it hit home as to how things in my life (photo and non-photo) have changed since that interview back on September 29 2010.  Jared (also known as The Fro) had asked me what I like to shoot and I had mentioned that I had recently been getting into concerts.  Recently?  Damn.  After that interview, I started getting a bit more into concerts and … well … two and a half years later, here I am.  Quit my nice comfy job to do photography full time.  Things didn’t really fall into my lap, I looked back to the time and effort I put in over the last few years into really learning how to shoot a show (and other things) and it’s pretty incredible as to how things have progressed.  Shooting arenas and festivals, having clients seek out me out for my style for a wedding shoot (need more of you people hah), taking on students to teach some basics and help progress, travelling around… wow

I mentioned in there that I didn’t own any Think Tank products… funny… because now I have 3 Think Tank bags, these things are awesome.  Including the Retrospec 30.

Figured it would be great for some shits and giggles to post up that interview hahaha.  Some who have been following me for a bit have already heard this, but I still find it pretty funny.

And here is a link to the page with the interview.  I gotta give Jared his props… after the interview, we had a few emails back and forth and he was very honest and quick to respond to my questions about show photography (he is a pretty good show photographer himself 😉 ).  Always willing to help and teach he is (and Yoda speaking I am).

And yes, that photo is also a pretty old photo, took that back in 2009… figured it went with the “How time flies”.

Sorry, trip down nostalgia road for me at 3am.