Portrait: Headshots with Sherry | Montreal Headshot Photographer



Ya know, I love my job.  I love to meet people from all walks of life and hear their stories… and hopefully, capture the essence of the person in my images.

I recently got myself a studio and the day that I signed and made everything official, not 20 minutes after leaving the building, I got an email from Sherry asking if I was free for a headshot session in the next few days.  I was hesitating about the extra expense of a professional studio (and really, it’s a kick ass studio), but I figure this was a sign from somewhere.

After a few emails back and forth, she made her way to the studio on an early Sunday morning.  Or was it afternoon?  Felt like morning to me.  Sherry is such a sweetheart and an inspiration.  For someone who is self proclaimed shy, she challenged herself to get on stage in front of people and act… takes some guts to do that!  Hats off to her and her go-getter attitude.

She did take a little bit to warm up on front of the camera (hence why I often book extra time to ensure we are able to get the shots that we need).   Nothing like getting your client to do some stretches (both body and face) to break the ice and get them more comfortable.  Not sure she has actually seen the image below 😉




All in all, we had a very good session and I could definitely see a progression in her comfort as the session went on…  the end images came out pretty sweet.  Here is a selection of images (not really edited, just to show you a bunch from the different setups that we had).  I know, many professionals only show the end results… meh… here ya go.  And before anyone thinks that these aren’t all headshots… I know… I know.  Why not squeeze in a portrait or two when you are having fun? 😉




The three images below are the ones she chose to keep.  I just love the last image and how real her smile is.  



Are you an actor or a business person in need of headshots?  Heck, everyone who has a Linked In profile should get some good headshots done.  On location or in studio… let me know! 🙂