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After posting up my favorite shots (Smoking Man, Addiction and Watching You), thought I’d put up a collection of my other shots from my few days spent in Prague.  The city is great for the type of street photography I love doing, many people doing many things, with a beautiful city in the background.

You know a photoset is never complete without a shoe photo!  My friend had the great eye to capture the sewer cover, so why not also include the shoes?




As the flat we were taying at (we did all of our nights in an AirBnB right near the city core) was right near the train station, we walked by this pretty much twice a day.

praha train station

praha train station

People are what make up a city.  They are the ones that give a city it’s vibe.  Prague is no different.  In photos, they help tell the story of what is going on.  Sure, some times just a building or an empty street can be a great capture.  The following are a few photos with… people 🙂


















And yes, I really loved the trams in Prague.  We didn’t actually ride one, but as we don’t have any here in Montreal, it was cool to see them going around and they made for some funky photos





The Jewish cemetery was pretty intense.  It was so small, and to learn that people were buried up to 12 deep in some places.

jewish cemetery

jewish cemetery

jewish cemetery

And when we left the cemetery, we looked back and realized that they opened tourist shops right at the base of where the people are buried.  Kinda creepy if ya ask me.


The Astronomical clock was pretty cool to see.  Every hour on the hour, a huge crowd gathers to watch a little show…


I guess I was expecting more than a 30 second little dance by a few statues.  Was still cool to see, and everyone applauded at the end.

astronomical clock

astronomical clock

While we were in Prague (I believe it was our second day), there was a pretty big explosion in an area we were supposed to walk by.  As we like to travel with no real plan, we ended up going a different route.  I snapped this photo of a speeding ambulance, without knowing that it was rushing to the scene of the explosion.  The explosion was caused by a gas leak, up to 60 people were injured and some lost their lives.  The city was a buzz with  emergency vehicles all day.

ambulance explosion

The only thing I regret is not always carrying my camera with me on night’s out.  Missed some great photo ops (at least my friend had hers!).  This wasn’t a trip focused on photography, kind of needed to just have some fun 😉

And on our last night in Prague, we hit up the old town for some beer in a pub, chatting the night away and getting ready for our morning departure to Berlin











  1. Photo trip or not still are beautiful. Not sure why I’m surprised that there are so many people in Prague, but I am. 🙂 Looks like a beautiful city.

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