Full Circle – 2011 to today | Montreal Concert Photography

I’m patiently waiting for my accreditation to shoot the Billy Talent / Hollerado show tomorrow.  Sum 41 was supposed to be in the lineup, but singer Deryck Whibley’s back problems are sidelining him for the rest of their Canadian tour.

You might be wondering, why make a blog post about this?  Well… I’m a weeeee bit nostalgic at times.  And while I’m pretty sure I’m going to shoot the show (knock on wood), two of the guys from Hollerado were there when I shot my first ever show in an actual venue.  I had shot friends in bars and such, but on January 14th 2011, Dave and Erika, friends of mine, were in a band called The Black Void.  They were playing at a small venue on St-Laurent called La Sala Rossa.  I’ve come to not like shooting at Sala, the lights are pretty crap and the place is usually packed and with a low stage.  But back in early 2011, I really didn’t care… this was an ACTUAL VENUE!

Where am I going with this?  Well, Nick and Jake are two of the members of Hollerado.  They were in town and are also friends with Dave.  Soooo, being the musicians they are, they picked up their instruments (well, Jake plays drums, so he really didn’t pick them up) and went on stage with The Black Void… so the duo became a … foursome? (sounds kinky).

So yep… TECHNICALLY… half of Hollerado were the first band I shot in my first concert in a venue.  A little over 2 years ago.  My style has changed some.  But… oddly enough… in my first ever show, I actually shot Erika’s shoes!! (well, slippers).  Who would of known that I would still be doing this a few years later (check out my current collection of shoes!).  haha.  So many things wrong with these images, but yet, I wouldn’t change them for anything 🙂


Now the images are burried on random (yet labelled) hard drive, so I took a few from facebook for shits and giggles.


And for those of you who have been following me from the get go… you miiiiight remember naked guy…. yep, that’s Dave.


I actually shot them the following night in a bar on Beaubien as well, just jamming and having fun.  But that’s not for this blog post 😉

Ah man… yep…. hopefully coming full circle on Saturday!  Been a wild and crazy (and tiring and amazing) last 2 years.  I’ve grown in my photography and more importantly, as a person.  Ups and downs, as everyone has… met some amazing people and know that there are more amazing people to meet.  Left one job and followed my passion.  Bla bla bla.

Ok… I’ll stop rambling. 🙂