Urban: Night Out | Montreal Urban Photography


Wandering the darkened alleyways in Old Montreal, you sometimes come across a story, and try and capture it in an image.  Like coming upon this couple in a discussion on their night out in a restaurant.  You can see her head turned towards him and his hand up in the air.  Looks to me like he is describing something of interest (I also tend to use my hands a bit when I talk about something intensely).

The image is a rare square crop for me.  I tend to prefer the more standard image dimensions, but there are times where a square crop just fits the image nicely, as I feel it does here.

Captured this a few nights ago, on a warm winter night out walking the streets with a friend.  Also made a few other funky images… the boat (you can see that here) and also one of the refinery which you can see on my facebook page

Thanks for checking it out!