Road Trip: Ireland – Howth | Pierre B Photo | Montreal Photographer

I like to get out and about, whether it be in my own city or some city I’ve never been to.  And in most cases, I like to bring my camera!  Back in May / June 2012 I took a few weeks off of life and headed out to Ireland for a little solo road tripping fun.  I had the luxury of having an awesome host who took me in in my first few days and showed me the ropes around his home town and took me out in pure Irish style on a tour of historical pubs in Dublin.  Beer and photography, two of my favorite things in the world.    I knew when he called me a day before I left and asked “how much can you drink and still be coherent?”, I knew my liver was going to suffer.  But there is nothing like living the life of someone who is local when you are travelling.  I stayed at his house, met his friends and had a great time!

Within 6-7 hours of landing, and after a home cooked Irish breakfast, I had already hit my first true pub and had my first real Guinness.   A few pints in, we hit the beautiful town of Howth on the eastern coast of the country.  Photos, pub, laughs, photos, pub, billiards, photos, pub.   That’s pretty much how my first day went.

Yes… here is my first Irish Guinness.  And no, I couldn’t wait to taste it, I forgot to take a photo of it full to the top  haha.


After the beer, off to walking in Howth!





The fun of knowing awesome photographers is that they know where to go and when to get there.  My host René had planned for us to get to the docks and lighthouse for sunset so we could get some beautiful light



While I love taking scenaries and landscapes, my heart is in photos where you have a human element in it.  Just adds so much more to the moment and helps tells the story.  Like this cute couple walking on the wall at the docks, hand in hand, enjoying their moment together (well, that’s what I like to tell myself, who knows, they could be having a nasty argument and their hands are crazy glued together)


… or like this guy, at the end of the night, heading out of the pub.


First day was pretty awesome.  I was tired as hell after our walking (and maaaaybe a weee bit because of the drinking) and knew I needed some rest as the next day, we were off to Dublin!

Coming up soon:  Road Trip | Ireland – Urban Dublin

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