Q&A | Can I make blurry pictures sharp?


A friend of mine (*note: riiiiight, a FRIEND of yours) asked me if there was a way to make blurry pictures sharp with software.  The blur is mostly from camera shake.  I currently use Lightroom to edit my photos but haven’t seen anything in there.



If only there was a magic solution to make bad pictures good.  Software can only go so far.  So no, there is no solution that will do the job of the photographer.  I believe Topaz came out with a software called InFocus that was supposed to take blurry images and make them sharp.  From what I read, it just makes them less blurry.

Another option is having fun cloning out all the blurryness in photoshop.  Going to take hours and hours of work and I’m pretty sure it won’t be perfect.

So really, the only solution is getting the image right in camera before clicking the shutter.


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