The Raveonettes | Corona | Oct 03 2012

Low key show but with a good dose of intensity.  They aren’t the most energetic on stage, it is more about the music than the show.

The Corona was back to it’s old tricks of not having a pit and having pretty low light.  Very contrasty.  I always prefer seeing faces on my images, but sometimes (like the header image above) it is just not possible, so you work more on the artistic side and less on the journalistic side of photography.  You can only do the best you can with what you have.

Without a pit, still managed to work my way around the stage.  But really, the light was a challenge.  The first song was very low and very red.  It only started to get better half way through the second song, but still was pretty contrasty and always with a hint of red… you know… just enough to screw with the details in the faces.