Cat Power | Metropolis | Oct 19 2012

 I was somewhat interested in hearing Cat Power (aka Chan Marshall) live.  I’ve heard some of her earlier work and really liked the mixed of punk and folk.  The venue was sold out but for some reason, the crowd was digging it.  At least, not for the 3 songs I heard.  The show didn’t seem polished, she didn’t seem comfortable on stage.  I read later that as she warmed up things were better, so I guess sometimes, you can’t judge a show by it’s first 3 songs.  This was also my third show in 3 days, so maybe I was getting a weeee bit tired.

Photo wise:  Crap.  Yep, that’s what it was.  When I picked up my pass, I was told there was a pit, but we weren’t allowed in it.  Not only that, but we were told that she didn’t want any photographers near the front of the stage.  So it kind of limits our shots.  Sure, it is her show and she can put whatever restrictions she wants.  But this meant that I shot from a set of stairs half way between the sound board and the stage just to shoot over people’s heads, then made my way to the second floor, then back down the stairs on the other side of the room.  Not the grandest of access.  But hey, they can’t all be a walk in the park, right?

Gear wise:  Considering how crappy restrictions, it was a 70-200 mm night, all night, with some heavy cropping afterwards in Lightroom.  I try and get my shots right in camera, but sometimes, you have no real choice.

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