Propagandhi | Metropolis | Sep 28 2012

I remember Propa being a more punk and skate influenced band… this was back in the 90s.  Yeah, sorry, I’m old and remember stuff like that.  I hadn’t listened to their latest music and found a pretty metal sounding punk.  Kind of interesting to hear, alot heavier than I remember.

Photo wise:  We only had restrictions from shooting in the photo pit for 3 songs, but could snap away for the rest of the show from anywhere else in the Metropolis.  The cover image of the surfer is from the 4th song I believe.  Lights were good as they usually are.  Pit wasn’t too packed tonight and the regular crew of punk shooters were there.  I’m starting to notice more and more video crews in the pit during punk shows.  Not sure if its just a coincidence or something that will be here to stay.  But hey, we are one big happy family in the pit… the more the merrier.  Well, ok, not the more, the pits are crowded enough as is.  Actually, everyone get out, let me shoot alone.  Thanks.